How to Catch and Release Fish – When Ice Fishing


How to Catch and Release Fish – When Ice Fishing

Why learn how to catch and release fish? The fish population, and the size of the fish caught, have been on a steady decline for a number of years now. This is due to the advancement of ice fishing technologies. Gadgets and advancements to other ice fishing equipment are making it much easier to catch fish in everyday ice fishing spots. However, we are seeing more and more anglers learning how to catch and release fish. And returning the majority of their catches to the water.

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How to Catch and Release Fish when Ice Fishing

While no one can deny the fact that a nice hot fish dinner after an ice fishing trip is very rewarding, most anglers are now enjoying fishing for the sport, not for the food.

Another common practice used in combination with catch and release is called ‘selective harvest.’ This is the practice of minimizing the waste of fish. And providing a diverse opportunity for fishing while preserving fish conservation.

The easiest way to do this is to practice how to catch and release fish. Only keep what you will definitely use. While catching and keeping the fish as a prize can bring you great joy. So can the release of the fish. This ensures that there will be fish for you to catch in the future.

Releasing smaller fish also helps ensure there will be large fish in the water for spawning. Using the catch and release techniques means the fish will be in peak physical condition, and size, when you decide to keep a catch for food in the future.

Conservation Should be Top of Mind

All fishermen should keep the conservation of fish at the tops of their minds and know how to catch and release fish. Whether you fish for food, pure recreation, or for sport, when the fish are gone, there’s no more fishing.

And with an increasing number of anglers reaching both highly accessible and more remote areas, conservation is becoming increasingly important.

There are also some more good reasons to practice how to catch and release fish. Many water bodies now require you to catch and release. Also, as mentioned, physical conditions of the fish caught play a role.

There is no reason to keep small fish, as these fish will grow, and ultimately produce more fish. There are also regulations in place for catch limits, zero catch limits and seasonal restrictions which demand the use of catch and release.

Knowing How to Catch and Release Fish is Important

Catch and release, and selective harvesting of fish guarantees the continued growth of fish populations. And your continued enjoyment of fishing.

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